Dental Bridges in NW Calgary

Dental Bridges in Near You

If you have spaces in your smile, you might want to think about receiving a dental bridge. This treatment entails filling in visible gaps between your teeth, helping you regaining your ability to talk and chew. At Avyan Family Dental, we are happy to provide a range of restorative treatments like dental bridges. We’ll connect you with one of our dentists near you, who will happily guide you through the process.

dental bridges in nw calgary

What is a Dental Bridge?

Although there are a few styles of dental bridges that one can acquire, the general structure is as follows:

  • An artificial tooth (pontic) is placed in the socket.
  • Two dental crowns (abutments) are fastened to the teeth surrounding the space, keeping the pontic stable.

Your dentist will conduct an oral evaluation of your mouth to identify if this is an appropriate path to repair your smile. If you have inquiries or concerns about anything, let your team know!

Additionally, your bridge will be customized to meet your dimensions and fabricated from tooth-colored material. Impressions are taken before any official work begins and then sent to the dental lab where the prosthetic is created.

Placing a Dental Bridge

Our dentist in NW Calgary can place a dental bridge in as little as two appointments. The steps involved in the process include:

  1. Examination. The health of your neighbouring teeth is assessed to ensure they can securely hold the bridge. X-rays may also be taken. Your dentist will also discuss your aesthetic preferences.
  2. Preparation. A very small amount of the enamel on your abutment teeth is removed to help the crowns bond. Impressions are taken afterward.
  3. Temporary Bridge. A temporary prosthetic protects your teeth until the permanent one is ready.
  4. Bridge Fabrication. The bridge is designed at a dental laboratory according to the information gathered by your dentist. This can take between 2-3 weeks.
  5. Placement. During a second appointment, your permanent dental bridge is adhered to your smile with dental cement.

You’ll be given post-treatment instructions to help you care for your new bridge. This entails regular brushing and flossing and attending biannual cleaning sessions. If you experience discomfort or your bridge gets damaged, let your dentist know.

Visit Our Local Dental Office

Our dentist is happy to discuss the treatment of getting dental bridges in NW Calgary. Whatever time works for you, works for us, so feel free to call us at  (587) 358-2160 or email us to get started. We are excited to work with you soon and help you obtain a beautiful smile!