Sedation Dentistry in NW Calgary

Sedation Dentistry Near You

Not everyone enjoys going to the dentist, and that is perfectly fine! At Avyan Family Dental, our team knows this, and to help our patients feel calm, we offer sedation dentistry treatment.

Sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry is the process of providing medication to help patients physically and mentally relax while in the dentist’s chair. The medication can be administered in a few different ways depending on your needs and dentist’s recommendation.

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sedation dentistry in nw calgary

Forms of Sedation

At our local dental practice, we offer the following types of dental sedation:

  1. Local Anaesthesia— This is one of the most common forms of sedation. A small needle is injected into the site around the target area. Your mouth will be numbed in just a few minutes, preventing you from feeling any discomfort or pain while your dentist works. Local anesthesia is often incorporated into dental fillings and crowns.
  2. Laughing Gas — Formally known as nitrous oxide, laughing gases trigger more intense feelings of euphoria and calmness compared to local anesthesia. Patients receive it by having a mask placed over their nose. You will stay conscious during the appointment. It also wears off within a few moments.
  1. Oral Sedation — A pill containing the medication is given to patients a few hours before their appointment. This is provided when patients require a higher dosage of sedation to remain at ease. You will not be put to sleep but may feel quite tired before your treatments ends.
  2. IV Sedation — Intravenous sedation is injected directly into your bloodstream. Your dentist will carefully monitor your vitals and can adjust the dosage accordingly. Patients may end up falling unconscious before the end of their appointment. Since the effects take a while to fade, you will need someone to take you home.

General anesthesia may also be available, but it is case-dependent. Your Dentists must receive the proper training to provide this to patients. An anesthesiologist may be brought in to aid your dental team during the treatment.

Should you have any questions about this process, let your NW Calgary dentist know so they can address them right away.

Why Get Sedation Dentistry

  • Reduces anxiety and fear
  • Enhances comfortable, helping to create a positive experience
  • Allows your dentist to work without disruptions
  • Multiple procedures may be done in one session
  • A safe treatment
  • Helps patients sit still and feel less claustrophobic in the dental chair

Calject – Computer Assisted Anesthesia

For local anesthesia we use Calject which is computer assisted anesthesia.
Calaject helps us deliver pain-free injections. The system controls the flow rate, ensuring smooth and gentle flow of anesthesia. Even palatal injections can be carried out with less discomfort for the patient.

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