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Our teeth play a crucial role when it comes to living well. They help us break down nutritional foods, communicate with coworkers and our loved ones, and give us the confidence we deserve. To keep our smiles in optimal condition, we need to take steps to protect them, like wearing sports guards. Avyan Family Dental is happy to help you acquire an oral appliance that fits you perfectly. Connect with our dentist today to learn more.

sports guards in nw calgary

What is a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards shield our smiles from damage like chips, cracks, and dislodged teeth. This device can also help protect your lips, tongue, and jaw by absorbing shocks and other impacts.

Depending on your needs, your can acquire a few types of mouth guards; two of the most popular kind are sports guards and night guards. Sports guards are frequently worn by athletes who play contact sports like basketball, hockey, wrestling, and football. Night guards are worn while you sleep and stop your teeth from grinding against one another.

If you have questions about mouth guards, be sure to set up a consultation with a dentist in NW Calgary. Upon examining your smile and discussing your requirements, they can recommend the best type of device for your case.

Types of Sports Guards

Patients are able to purchase a few different types of sports guards. Each one is described in further detail below:

1. Customized

Customized guards are made by a dental professional. Digital scans or physical impressions are taken of your mouth and sent to a laboratory. This information enables technicians to create an appliance that matches your unique dimensions. Flexible plastic is the material of choice because it is comfortable and does not irritate our oral tissues.

These sports guards last up to 3 months and offer the best protection.

2. Over-the-Counter

OTC sports guards can be bought at sports or drug stores. The main forms of OTC appliances are boil-and-bite or stock guards. Boil-and-bite guards must be softened in hot water prior to use; then, you bite down into the material, so it shapes itself around your smile. Stock guards are usually one size fits all.

Although boil-and-bite and stock guards do not offer as much protection as customized devices, they are much more affordable.

Regardless of the sports guard you select, remember that they are not meant to last forever. In time, the device will be worn down from constant use and will need replacing. Any general dentist near you can assist you with getting a replacement.

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