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Are you looking to finally acquire the smile of your dreams? A smile that allows you to feel beautiful and confident wherever you go? If this is the case, our team at Avyan Family Dental encourages you to call us to learn more about professional teeth whitening. This process can effectively remove stains and discolorations left by various agents.

Please give our dentist in NW Calgary a call to schedule an appointment today.

teeth whitening in nw calgary

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is precisely what it sounds like it: enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and, by extension, your entire smile. Special bleaching chemicals are used (typically carbamide or hydrogen peroxide) to penetrate below the surface enamel and scrub away stains. Although there are a few different methods that you can explore when it comes to whitening, professional treatment is frequently recommended because dentists know the appropriate amount of chemicals to use to help you achieve good results while avoiding unnecessary tooth damage.

The method of treatment is often dependent on cost and patient preferences. Regardless of whether you’d prefer to use at-home treatments or book a session with a dentist near you, do your research and take your time to make the best decision for your oral health.

How Does Discoloration Happen?

Our teeth are not naturally pearly white, and over the years, certain things can cause them to become even darker. The most common culprits are noted below:

  • Tobacco products
  • Alcohol
  • Dark food like curry, tomato sauce, berries
  • Dark food such as soda, coffee, tea
  • Genetics
  • Infection
  • Decay

Contact your general or cosmetic dentist if you have any questions about this.

What Does Professional Whitening Involve?

Before you can begin, you’ll need to attend a consultation with your dentist. They will evaluate your smile and ask about your preferences since this information helps them provide advice tailored to your situation. They may recommend porcelain veneers or dental bonding if teeth whitening isn’t suitable.

Once you’re given the go-ahead, your dentist will start by cleaning your teeth, so no bacteria or plaque interferes with the treatment. Next, they’ll evenly apply the whitening agent onto your teeth. A light is brought in to activate the whitening process. The whitening material is left on your smile for a certain amount of time before being cleaned off and reapplied. Such a cycle continues until your teeth are brightened to your desired shade of white.

This treatment is not painful, though you may experience some sensitivity. Let your dental team know if you have concerns before you go. Unlike at-home or over-the-counter treatments, professional whitening results last up to 3 months.

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At Avyan Family Dental, we are happy to offer professional teeth whitening in NW Calgary to anyone eager to illuminate their smile and embrace their best self. Give us a call at (587) 358-2160 or send an email to [email protected] to arrange a time to come in and speak with a team member.

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